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Our Background:

In January 2006, Christian and Muslim leaders in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, were

convened by The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord (Founder and President of the Guibord Center - Religion

Inside Out ) and Imam Jihad Turk (Senior Religious Advisor of the Islamic Center of Southern California

and President of Bayan Islamic Graduate School) to discuss the need for a group of leaders in

Southern California that could come together regularly to address issues of common concern to Christians

and Muslims in the post-9/11 context. Our members represent leadership in the mainline Christian

denominations and several of the largest and most influential Muslim organizations in Southern California.

All representatives are actively committed to interfaith and social justice issues within their respective

communities and judicatories.

"We believe we all serve and love the same God. And that's what's important." 
~ Brenda LaMotte, AME Minister

Our Mission

Our Mission

To work in partnership with leaders of various streams of Christian and Muslim communities in the United States and beyond to enhance mutual understanding, respect, appreciation, and support of the Sacred in each other.


Our Vision

Standing Together promotes learning, dialogue and advocacy among its representative members and our wider communities of faith through lectures, workshops, press releases, youth gatherings, and other activities, in order to achieve these goals:

  • Christian and Muslim leaders will learn more about each others’ faith and traditions as well as about their own, which will impact how they present each other to their own community.

  • Christian and Muslim congregations will be encouraged to engage in dialogue leading to greater openness and appreciation of each other.

  • Our religious leaders will be able to speak more effectively and with one voice, especially at times of crisis.

  • Local dialogue and cooperation will lead to changing of Christian and Muslim attitudes toward each other. 

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