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Get Involved


3 Ways to Get Involved...


There are three ways you can get involved with us and our work. 


  1. Study

  2. Serve

  3. Speak Out

    Check out the details below now.

Our Mission

"At the heart of it, is a sense of security, of being secure in one's faith. Then, you are not motivated or influenced by fear; rather, you develop relationships of trust." 
~ Thomas Johnson, Lutheran Pastor



Here are some of the ways you can study:


1. Dialogue Groups
Learn about some of our past Standing Together pairings, or start your own!


2. Speakers' Bureau 
Learn how you can call in our world class speakers to share their wisdom at your educational events, panels and workshops.

3. Study Resources

     Check out some of the fabulous educational resources we have available, such as Comparative Scripture Quotes, Christian & Muslim Terminology, and much more...


1. Intern with us!

2. Volunteer Opportunities 

1. Speakers Bureau (for Advocacy)

  • Past Events

  • Call us for your own event

2. Advocacy Actions  

  • Past Events

  • Create Your Own

Speak Out!

We Need Your Support Today!

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